Editorial touches the surface of trouble and crime in town

I read the news agency’s editorial in the Sunday edition of Trouble in Tonawanda, and while you mention some recent misconduct in the department, I have a problem with a sentenced dispatcher (who is also the union president and fire investigator). member) filed a lawsuit, and I believe the moral decay is much deeper. First, two town paramedics under the command of Chief James P. Stoffel were fired for stealing prescription narcotics for their own personal use.

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There’s also the case of town dispatcher Brett Rider, who is currently serving a 10-year sentence for stalking and sexually abusing colleagues in and out of a public safety building with police, paramedics and dispatchers on the same floor.

Reports of his misconduct began nearly 20 years before final action was taken; instead of tackling the rapist in the room, the Tonawanda Township Police Department continued to promote him and hire his girlfriend. Town Supervisor Joe Eminger and Personnel Supervisor Erin Fleming continue to receive salaries while concealing the fact that the police department is corrupt.

While there are some good people working there, the leadership did their best to keep the Good Old Boys Club running for as long as possible for everyone. Choosing to ignore wrongdoing should not qualify for either position, and the town of Tonawanda is in trouble from top to bottom.

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