Dyson Supersonic deal: Buy this powerful hair dryer now

In addition to keeping your floors spotless, Dyson also excels at styling your locks with a variety of hair tools. The Dyson Supersonic, an incredibly lightweight and quiet hair dryer that can make other options stand out, can be snapped up on eBay for around $300 right now.

The Dyson Supersonic is an ultra-light, quiet hair dryer that beats other options. Get 30% off refurbished models at eBay today.

Thanks to four years of hard work by 103 engineers, the technology behind the Dyson Supersonic is impressive. The blow dryer measures the temperature of the air an astonishing 40 times a second (every second!) to ensure it doesn’t cause heat damage to your hair, which means with regular use your hair will stay healthy and shiny.

If you’re skeptical about buying refurbished, let us give you peace of mind. Sold through the official Dyson storefront on eBay, the hairdryer has been tested to work like new and comes with a two-year warranty (and free 30-day returns).

Normally, the Dyson Supersonic sells for $430—admittedly, that’s a lot for a hair dryer—but when our editors tested it, they went from curious skeptics to instant converts By. If you’re equally interested, now’s the perfect time to pick up a hair dryer for the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Be sure to add Supersonic to your own hair care repertoire before this incredible discount ends.

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