Donald Trump indicted: Ex-president will demand NYC circus to appear in court as he claims he was a victim | US News

During the comeback, it was quite abject.

The courthouse in New York’s Bowery district — aka “The Ghetto” before gentrification — has seen its share of socially miserable cases over the years.

A former president could barely fall any further.

However, it is in this case that Donald Trump will be brought before ordinary criminal proceedings, albeit differently from ordinary criminal proceedings.

Live Update: Prosecutors file criminal charges against Trump

Stormy Daniels in Manhattan in 2018.Image: Associated Press
Adult film star Stormy Daniels is at the center of the case against Trump.Photo: Associated Press

The court process in lower Manhattan will include obtaining personal details and fingerprints. A photograph will also be taken, possibly a “mugshot” of Donald in the frame of the felony.

Trump is said to welcome the prospect of appearing in New York.

He wanted the circus, believing it would make him the victim of an act of political aggression in front of a sympathetic enough audience.

It has worked for him. When he prematurely announced his arrest on the social media platform, his fundraising soared to more than $1.5 million.

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Trump says he’s a victim of ‘witch hunt’

There is no doubt that Trump being Trump has stirred up his support base. However, the close supports he carries will fall into the more distant supports.

The moderate Republicans and swing voters who turned their backs on him in 2020 and the recent midterm elections won’t necessarily be turned around by candidates who are criminally adjacent in many ways.

Don’t forget that this particular case is the least serious he has ever faced compared to the investigation into the Jan. 6 uprising, the handling of classified documents, and the alleged attempt to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

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Trump faces criminal charges over alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels

Who is Stormy Daniels, and what is Trump accused of?

Trump’s claims of a witch hunt have echoes among Republicans on Capitol Hill. Some of the party’s house committee chairmen called on prosecutor Alvin Bragg to explain to Congress what they called “politically motivated prosecutorial decisions.”

Playing alongside this case in New York, and possibly others they may hope, is mood music. If Donald Trump can get away with it — and many legal experts think prosecutions will be difficult — he will no doubt describe it as evidence in support of sweeping efforts to weaponize the justice system against him politically.

It’s the politics of justice, and everyone seems to have a voice. In criminal charges, justice has begun to speak for itself.

At the same time, America lived through history. No-nonsense media organizations publish articles about the reality of felons running countries, jaw-stroking how convictions affect the ability of leaders of the free world to function.

He is an unprecedented president, as always.

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