Democrats earn their reputation for being weak on crime

phosphorusPennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Feltman can’t escape his weak ally on crime fast enough.

Feltman, once a proud supporter of Black Lives Matter, removed all references to the police defunding movement from his website, as did Dr. Mehmet Oz is fighting Fetterman crime.

Republicans fight crime, Democrats turn to pro-police message

However, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner won’t face voters until next year. While more than 1,000 people have been killed in Philadelphia over the past 20 months, Krasner insists his decision not to prosecute most nonviolent crimes, including theft, “works.” Who exactly does it work for? When you look at Krasner’s record, you realize he probably meant it. His policy is to “work” for career criminals who he believes are victims of the justice system.

According to Gallup, 72% are dissatisfied with current U.S. crime-reduction policies, and 80% say they are concerned about crime.

Voters know which side is to blame. According to a recent NBC News poll, Republicans have a 23-point advantage over Democrats on which party has a better crime policy. No amount of sophistry can change that.

Nationally, Democrats know the country’s rising crime rate is the party’s political responsibility, and they have plans to fight back. They take advantage of recent tragedies, like the mass shootings in Buffalo, N.Y., and Uwald, Texas, to attack Republicans for being weak on crime (and even advertising for it) because they don’t support broad gun control laws.

There are several problems with this argument, and they begin with Krasner’s City of Brotherly Love. Since Krasner became the District Attorney in Philadelphia, gun possession prosecutions have halved. It wasn’t an accident – it was intentional.

“The idea that the way to solve a shooting is by arresting the person with the gun misses the point,” Krasner said recently. “The way to solve a shooting is to arrest the person who did the shooting. The way to solve a homicide with a gun is to solve a homicide with a gun.” case.”

Krasner is correct that prosecuting shootings is a great way to reduce them. But what’s the point if Democrats advocate for more gun laws and Democratic DAs like Krasner refuse to prosecute them? Their own actions show that even they don’t believe gun laws reduce crime. In fact, they make crime worse because only criminals own guns. The sole purpose of these laws is to harass law-abiding gun owners who, unlike criminals, will actually obey the law.

Krasner isn’t the only Democratic district attorney who has been soft on crime policies that are destroying cities and killing people. New York State’s Bail Reform Law Puts Thousands of Violent Criminals Back on the Streets,
leading to hundreds of re-arrests every month
The Democratic-controlled state of Illinois also passed a bail reform law that would free thousands of violent criminals from the streets and even bar police from deporting people who violated private property.

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Democrats in Washington could pour millions into police departments across the country. But as long as Democrats control the district attorney’s offices in those jurisdictions, it won’t do anything.

America doesn’t need to spend more money on police departments. It doesn’t need more gun laws that Democrats won’t enforce. What it really needs is old-fashioned prosecutors willing to enforce existing laws, regardless of race. Feltman and other Democrats will deservedly win over the general public perception that their party is hopelessly weak when it comes to crime, until Democrats get rid of their weak-on-crime district attorneys.

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