Democrat Mark Kelly wins Arizona Senate race, overall control still hanging in the balance | US News

Former astronaut Mark Kelly has defeated his Republican opponent in the Senate race in Arizona, leaving only two seats to be decided.

Kelly, 58, the current senator, said in a statement: “Thank you to the people of Arizona for re-electing me to the United States Senate.

“From day one, this campaign has revolved around many Arizonans — Democrats, independents and Republicans — who believe in working together to meet the grand challenges we face.

“That’s exactly what I did in my first two years in office and it’s what I’ll continue to do during my tenure.

“Serving as the Arizona Senator is one of the greatest honors of my life.

“I am humbled by the trust our country has placed in me to continue this work.”

Mr. Kelly is a former U.S. Navy captain and retired astronaut who has traveled to space four times, including delivering equipment, supplies and crews to the International Space Station.

His Republican rival for the Arizona seat is 36-year-old venture capitalist Blake Masters.

Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona, left, with his Republican challenger, Blake Masters.Photo: Associated Press
Mr. Kelly with his Republican challenger, Blake Masters.Photo: Associated Press

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If Mr. Kelly wins, the Senate will be tied 49-49, with elections in Nevada and Georgia hanging in the balance.

Democrats need one more seat if Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris can cast the tie-breaking vote.

In Nevada, incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto is within 800 votes of Republican state Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

The Georgia result could be weeks away, with Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock facing Republican Herschel Walker in a Dec. 6 runoff.

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Republicans are edging closer to a majority in the race for control of the House of Representatives — a move that would end a four-year Democratic rule.

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Republicans gained at least 211 of the 218 seats they needed on Thursday, according to projections from the Edison Research Center.

Democrats have won 199 races, with many races still undecided in Arizona, California and Washington state.

If Republicans do win the House, they will be able to veto President Joe Biden’s agenda, severely limiting any progress he might hope to make between now and the 2024 election.

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