Confidential Goons shooting: YouTuber injured after ‘simple’ prank video goes wrong at Virginia mall | US News

A YouTuber who filmed a prank video has been shot and wounded after the prank went wrong.

Tanner Cook, 21, who regularly posts prank videos of himself and his friends on his channel Classified Goons, was injured after he tried to prank a man in a shopping center Virginia on Sunday.

This resulted in him being shot in the abdomen before being taken to hospital.

The food court at the Dulles Downtown Mall pulled a stunt.

“I was just pulling a prank and an easy prank, and the guy wasn’t comfortable with it,” Cook told local TV station WUSA after undergoing surgery.

Police have arrested Alan W. Colie in connection with the incident.

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He was charged with grievous malicious injury, felony use of a firearm and opening fire in a building.

Colie and the YouTuber did not appear to know each other, local police said in a statement.

Cook told WUSA that the experience won’t stop him from making more prank videos in the future.

On his channel, he posts videos of pranking shop assistants, Uber drivers and strangers.

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