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I love how the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees bring a high level of professionalism to their work, representing all aspects of Sedona and the qualities that make us unique.

On September 20, we hosted our first “Meet the Chamber of Commerce” event at the Mary D. Fisher Theater, where Chamber members and non-members stopped to learn about the people who make the Chamber of Commerce so effective for Sedona. I could see my eyes light up as the attendees became more personally connected.

For example, some of our employees have children born and raised in Sedona while their spouses run a small business in the city. Some of the staff are relatively new and still thankful for their lucky stars who live and work in Red Rock Country or join us from another country and culture. Others came here decades ago with really in-depth local knowledge that helps inform our policy.

While it is true that we are in and for the community, I always remember that we are also part of the community. This was evident in the event. Thank you if you attend! Building these one-to-one relationships leads to better understanding and a more informed chamber.

If you missed it, we’ve got a lot of events in store for you in October, whether you’re a member or not, and of course we’re always ready to welcome new chamber partners (we currently have over 730 active members).

On October 5, Social Media Manager and Content Creator Eric Nguyen hosts “Harnessing the Power of Social Media.” Eric provides expert advice on building a social media presence that creates buzz and impacts your bottom line. Thanks to the Arizona Department of Human Service, the workshop is free, with coffee and pastries. It will be held at the Mary D Fisher Theater at 2030 W. SR 89A from 8:30 am to 10 am.Register for this and other upcoming events at

October 6 brings our Partner Benefits Review, a 9am online session with Erin Bruce, Director of Partner Services. We offer a variety of services to our members, so it’s important to regularly set aside time for everyone to learn about and take advantage of all their membership benefits.

A week later, October. On December 12th, I’m excited that our annual partner meeting will be hosting breakfast at the Canyon Ballroom at the Bell Rock Hilton Sedona Resort. This is a major event on our calendar, with hundreds of members gathering for a continental breakfast and presentations covering FY22 highlights, awards and recognition, and a review of FY23 plans. Special keynote speaker Jim Rounds, statewide economic experts and advisors, and a panel of community leaders will participate and inspire. Doors open at 7:30, speaking partners at 8am, please register in advance.

That evening, we co-hosted a public forum with Sedona mayoral candidates Samaire Armstrong and Scott Jablow at the Sedona Performing Arts Center at 995 Upper Red Rock Loop. Guided by the Northern Arizona League of Women Voters, this forum focuses on our candidate activity in June and July ahead of the August primary. It’s all part of our commitment to community service.

The next morning, October. 13. I look forward to welcoming you to my monthly coffee chat at the Chamber of Commerce office at 45 Sunset Boulevard at 8pm. Show up early for an exciting discussion about any issues that concern you. Due to time and space constraints, we limited the chat to four people, giving everyone time to share ideas and get answers.Please register in advance at

October is one of our favorite months, the summer heat is a memory, and there is so much to do around Sedona. We hope to see you at some (or all) of our events!

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