California shootings: CCTV shows ‘heroes’ battling gunman as death toll rises and state sees second mass shooting | US News

CCTV has been released showing a member of the public disarming a gunman in California – just minutes after he shot and killed 11 people at a nearby Lunar New Year celebration.

Brandon Tsay, 26, was hailed as a hero for disarming Huu Can Tran at the Lay Ballroom in the Alhambra.

In the video, Mr Cai can be seen confronting the gunman in the empty hall of the ballroom.

An armed man wearing dark clothing and a hat emerged from the photo and was seen wrestling Mr Cai about 30 seconds later.

He managed to get the gun away from his attacker, who then punched him in the head.

The men continued to struggle before Mr Tsay pushed Tran away from him – leaving the attacker with no choice but to flee.

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Hero who disarmed gunman says he was ‘frozen’

‘This is the moment to disarm him’

In an interview with NBC News, Mr. Cai said the assailant entered the venue and pointed the gun directly at him.

“There was a moment where I was really stunned because I believed I was going to die and at that moment my life ended right here.

“But something amazing happened, a miracle actually.

“He started getting his weapon ready so he could shoot everybody, but then it dawned on me that it was time to disarm him.

“I can do something here that will protect everyone and possibly save myself.

“I’m thinking about my family and friends – how would their lives be without me.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom joined Mr. Tsai on Monday in calling him a “true hero.”

“This remarkable young man did not hesitate – despite the fear at times – to take on the responsibility of saving countless lives.

“Who knows how many lives he saved.”

Just 20 minutes earlier, 72-year-old Tran entered the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park, killing 11 people and injuring nine others.

All but one of the victims were 60 or older, according to the Los Angeles coroner’s office.

A total of 42 rounds were fired at Monterey Park, Mr. Luna said, adding that a high-capacity magazine was found at the scene.

Witnesses: A community begins to grieve

Star Dance Studio has taken center stage in Monterey Park as the community begins to mourn. Every once in a while, people of all ages are welcome to come and offer flowers.

Since opening 30 years ago, it has been a place where people learn a variety of different styles of dance – including ballroom dancing, waltz and samba – taught by highly qualified instructors, some of whom are champions in their disciplines.

Most of the people who are trained here are retirees in their 50s, 60s and 70s – including Jenny who has been here for years.

“I was going to come here on a Saturday night, but because it was New Years, I had dinner with my family,” she said. “I woke up on Sunday to hundreds of texts saying ‘Are you okay? Are you alive?'”

One of those killed in the shooting was a longtime instructor at the studio named Mr. Ma.

“It’s a very family-oriented place because Mr. Ma treats us like family and best friends,” said Jenny, who declined to give her last name. “We really enjoy coming here to dance and socialize and meet people. It’s good because it keeps us healthy. I try not to think about what happened because I’m sad.”

Tango instructor Lauren Woods saw Mr Ma for the last time Saturday afternoon, when many were celebrating the Lunar New Year in Monterey Park.

“Last time I saw Ma as he helped me find parking as the streets of Monterey Park were packed with Chinese New Year celebrations,” she wrote on Facebook. “I will always remember Mr Ma and the way we communicated with each other.

“His English isn’t very good, but he always says, ‘My teacher! My teacher!’ and always kisses me on the cheek and says ‘Love you!’ Love you! “He was so cute to me, I could tell he was the heart of the Star Ballroom.”

A suspect has been arrested after a mass shooting at two locations in the northern California coastal city of Half Moon Bay. Image: ABC Affiliate KGO via REUTERS
A suspect has been arrested after a mass shooting at two locations in the northern California coastal city of Half Moon Bay.Image: ABC affiliate KGO via Reuters

Seven dead in Half Moon Bay shooting

Meanwhile, seven people have been killed and a suspect has been taken into custody in two related shootings at a mushroom farm and a trucking company in San Francisco’s south coastal community.

Four people were killed at the farm in the Half Moon Bay suburb about 30 miles south of San Francisco, and three were killed in a trucking operation, officials said.

Police have arrested Cho Chun-li, 67, in connection with the shooting.

It is unclear how the locations are linked, but the suspect is believed to work for one of the businesses.

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