Bob Lee: Elon Musk condemns ‘terrible’ act of Cash App founder stabbed to death in San Francisco | Tech News

A ‘force of nature’ tech entrepreneur who founded a multi-billion dollar payments service has been stabbed to death.

Bob Lee, 43, at San Francisco On Tuesday morning local time, he later died in hospital.

In tribute, his dad Richard said he ‘just lost my best friend’ Facebook Confirm the news.

“Bobby worked harder than anyone and was the smartest person I ever knew,” he said.

“He will be missed by all who knew him. Thank you to those who reached out.”

Police, which did not name the victim, said the killing was being investigated and no arrests had been made.

NBC News, the U.S. affiliate network of Sky News, reported that both Bob and Richard Lee lived in Miami. Floridasince Bob’s mother passed away in 2019, their relationship has grown closer.

It was not immediately clear why the victim returned to San Francisco.

What is a Cash App?

Similar to PayPal, Cash App allows users to transfer money through a smartphone app.

The company, valued at $40bn (£32bn) by Forbes, says it is an alternative to traditional banking.

Parent company Block said it had more than 50 million monthly active customers as of Dec. 31, 2022.

Lee ‘plays big role’ in fintech

Lee was chief product officer at cryptocurrency company MobileCoin at the time of his death.

Founder Joshua Goldbard said Lee was a “force of nature.”

“He was born for the world that is being born right now, he is the child of a dream, and whatever he imagines, no matter how crazy, he will make it happen,” he added.

Lee was previously CTO of Square, a fintech startup founded by former Twitter Owner Jack Dorsey, who later became Bullock.

Dorsey called Lee’s death “heartbreaking,” praising his “important role” to Square and Cash App.

According to Lee’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages, he also helped build the Android mobile operating system.

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FILE PHOTO: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addresses students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) town hall in New Delhi, India, November 12, 2018.
Lee is a former colleague of Jack Dorsey’s

Musk: Crime in San Francisco is ‘terrible’

Lee has also invested in several other technology companies, including Elon Muskof SpaceX.

Musk tweeted that he was “very sorry” to hear of Lee’s death.

“A lot of people I know have been severely beaten,” the billionaire said.

“Violent crime in San Francisco is so horrendous that even when attackers are apprehended, they are usually released immediately.”

this tesla and the Twitter owner did not provide any evidence to support his claim, but california Since the beginning of 2023, there have been more than a dozen murders in the city.

In the same period last year, there were 10.

Outside of business, Lee helped the World Health Organization (WHO) establish its Coronavirus disease application.

Who told NBC News that he provided “support and expertise” for the app and “built a significant portion of the server.”

Lee’s ex-wife, Krista Lee, also paid tribute, calling him “everyone’s best friend”.

They have two children, Damien, 17, and Scout, 14.

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