Bill’s Ravens Prediction, Odds, Spreads and Over/Under NFL Week 4 (Defense Will Lead Buffalo to Win)

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Miami Dolphins in Week 2, their first loss of the season. They remain the favorites to win Super Bowl 57, but they face another serious challenge when they lead Week 3 to face the Ravens in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the Ravens got back on track with a Week 3 victory over the New England Patriots, just a week after they beat the Dolphins with a 21-point fourth-quarter lead.

Let’s take a look at the odds for the Week 4 matchup, which could end up being the match of the week.

This game will feature two MVP front-runners, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, so expect both offenses to break out. However, the Bills have one significant advantage over the Ravens. their defense.

The Ravens rank 31st in the NFL in opponent yards per game, allowing teams to average 6.5 yards per game. Meanwhile, the Bills have a top-notch defense for the second year in a row. They are second in opponent yards per game at 4.1. That’s right, Buffalo’s defense is allowing 2.4 fewer yards per game than Baltimore’s. This is a notable difference.

The Bills were particularly good at defensive runs, keeping the team to 2.8 yards per carry. Considering the Ravens’ 35.58 percent offense on the ground, the ninth-highest in the NFL, Baltimore may have a hard time keeping up with Buffalo’s strong offense.

I’ll back Bill to get back on track with wins and screens.

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