Big advertisers return to Twitter, including Amazon, report says | Tech News

Amazon is reportedly planning to bring back multimillion-dollar advertising on Twitter.

The move will see Amazon pay around $100m (£81.3m) a year to the platform, which is now run by Elon Musk, According to a tweet from technology blog Platformer cited by Reuters.

Platformer reporter’s tweet says the company’s return is pending some “security adjustments” Twitteradvertising platform.

Apple has also resumed full advertising, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said, according to Bloomberg.

Amazon and Apple have yet to respond to the reports.

Milton Keynes, UK - Large Amazon Fulfillment warehouse off the M1 motorway outside Milton Keynes.

Twitter’s ad revenue has been falling rapidly since Mr Musk’s $44bn (£36bn) disorderly buyout of the company led to an exodus of staff.

Mr Musk Lay off half of Twitter’s 8,000 employees Soon after he took over, he fired its top executives at an even faster pace.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during the live-streamed unveiling of the Tesla Semi electric truck in Nevada, U.S., on December 1, 2022. This still image is taken from video.  Tesla/Handout via REUTERS This image was provided by a third party. Resale file
Elon Musk this week in Nevada

Apple was Twitter’s biggest advertiser in the first quarter of this year – spending $48m (£40m) on ads on the social network – but its spending on the platform has declined.

The world’s most valuable company spent an estimated $131,600 (£110,000) on Twitter ads between Nov. 10-16, down from Oct. 16-22, according to ad measurement firm Pathmatics. $220,800 (£184,000) during the period, a week before Musk finalized the Twitter deal. .

at the same time, Mr Musk slams Apple – claims it threatened to block his social network from its app store without explanation.

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The billionaire also asked in a series of tweets whether Apple hated free speech and whether it would attack his electric car company Tesla.

But the CEO appeared to confirm his claims in a tweet on Saturday that both Apple and Amazon are back on Twitter ads.

Last week, Mr Musk acknowledged a “significant” drop in his company’s revenue.

Companies including food company General Mills and U.S. automaker Audi have stopped or suspended advertising on Twitter since the takeover.

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