Bay Area technical schools hold parent-teacher conference days after filming

(Krona) — Days after the school shooting, Bay Area technical schools held a parent conference Monday night.

It’s their chance to ask questions and learn what’s next for the school, which has been closed since last Wednesday’s shooting. The school’s executive director has repeatedly said he wants to be as transparent as possible, so he spent hours answering questions written by parents.

Auckland Police Chief Leronne Armstrong was in attendance, and his parents asked him for answers. Parents finally got some answers about what’s to come at the school on the same day the video was released, when at least two people shot at the school’s campus.

“We still have ‘back to school nights’ next week because at some point we’ll be back to school,” said Dr. Seth Feldman, executive director of Bay Area Tech Schools. He has plans in place that include canceling next week’s transcripts, new withdrawal procedures and closing schools and neighboring schools that share the same campus.

Postdoc. Feldman completed his prepared remarks, and he took the parents’ written questions. Most of the questions he received were about what happened when he called 911.

“I want to be honest. When I called 911, I was put on hold,” said Dr. Feldman. Respond to Dr. Auckland Police Chief Leronne Armstrong said it was standard practice to put someone on hold when there were a lot of calls coming in, such as when there was a shooting on Wednesday.

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Chief Armstrong also said his officers would remain at the school. “We will support the government until the school no longer feels we need to be here,” Chief Armstrong said.

Another question parents asked Chief Armstrong was whether there was a message asking people not to speak to police. “We are investigating what may have been a text message from someone asking people not to cooperate, but at this time we cannot confirm its validity,” Chief Armstrong said.

Parents are also concerned about the lack of armed security on campus. PhD. It’s up to the Oakland Unified School District, Feldman said. “We don’t allow school officials. We don’t allow armed security on campus. If I were allowed to have armed security on campus, we would have armed security on campus,” Dr. said. Feldman.

Bay Area technical schools are expected to reopen next Monday, according to the principal.

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