Bakers Men Buffalo Takes Food Network’s Halloween Cookie Challenge

Brian Muffoletto represents the Bakers Men on Monday’s show.

Lancaster, N.Y. — As we approach Halloween for a holiday-themed contest with local bakers, we’re getting into a spooky spirit.

Bakers Men Buffalo was back in the national spotlight Monday night. Lancaster Bakery participated in Food Network’s “Halloween Cookie Challenge.”

Brian Muffoletto represents the Bakers Men on Monday’s show.

The cookie contestants made two Halloween costumes out of cookies.

Muffoletto decides to go with a clown and a baker.

“For my clown costume, I’m going to split the costume in half, one side is white with a colorful pattern. The other side is pale green. I’m going to make the baker’s costume tube apron first, make sure I have a front pocket, inside Loaded with baking supplies. It’s not my best job, but I need to get it done within the time frame,” Muffoletto said of his designs on the show.

Unfortunately, Muffoletto didn’t win.

The winner walks away with a $10,000 trick-or-treating bag and takes home the title of Halloween Cookie Champion.

Muffoletto participated in the 2020 Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge.

You can follow Bakers Men of Buffalo on Instagram here and see their full website here.

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