As jail date looms, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes appeals ‘unjust’ conviction for blood test scam US News

Elizabeth Holmes is appealing what her lawyers say is an “unjust” conviction in the Theranos scandal.

The 39-year-old was found guilty of four counts of fraud in January 2022, Sentenced to 11 years in prison last november

Earlier this month, she failed to get out of prison She is appealing the conviction, which means she must report to prison on April 27.

Now, she has appealed the conviction, arguing the case against her “repeating the public narrative” that she knowingly and intentionally misrepresented the capabilities of Theranos technology to investors.

She started Theranos with the promise of a revolutionary blood test that could check for dozens of diseases at once.

She raised almost $1bn (£840m) from a host of high-profile investors, valuing the company at one point at $9bn (£7.3bn).

sherlock holmes By 2014 she became the youngest self-made female billionaire ever in the United States, but the technology was exposed as fake and the company quickly collapsed.

In an appeal filed Monday, her attorneys argued that the knowingly misrepresented stories in documentaries, podcasts and TV series were not the same as reality.

“Highly respected Theranos scientists told Holmes in real time that the technology worked. Outsiders who reviewed the technology said it worked,” her attorneys wrote.

“Theranos has received numerous patents for breakthrough developments. In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a test for Theranos proprietary technology,” the document continued.

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The lawyers also argued that the government committed violations during the prosecution, which the judge found “abuse of power” and “connivance”[ed]”At his discretion, according to the document.

They argued that key exclusionary testimony from Holmes’ co-defendant, Sunny Balwani, implied that Balwani was involved in the company’s financial management.

The jury’s guilty verdict for Holmes was “unjust,” the lawyer wrote.

Holmes and her lawyers are also seeking a reduced sentence if they are unsuccessful in securing a new trial, which they called a “harsh” and wrongful sentence.

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