Apple Accessories Deals: iPhone Cases, AirTag Holders, Laptop Chargers, and More

Whether we’re talking MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, AirTags, or Apple Watches, Apple’s devices are known for excellence. However, the accessories that go with these devices are also notoriously expensive. Use with third-party Apple accessories is often an option, but you don’t need to when sales are good, like this one from Woot!

Wow! Offers Apple’s first-party accessories for a variety of devices. This includes chargers for a variety of products, a range of Apple Watch bands, iPhone cases, and more. Even better, these aren’t the tiny 5% discounts you might be used to seeing on Apple products. Many of these accessories are 50% off or more. Read on for a quick peek at some highlights, then head to Woot! Check remaining savings.

(Set) Apple 61W USB-C Power Adapter & Apple USB-C Charging Cable (2M)

If you need to charge your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, this 61W charger should do the job, and it comes with a USB-C cable.

Apple TV Siri Remote Peas Apple Deals CNNU

Whether you just hate the trackpad on your original Apple TV remote, need a replacement, or just want to have a backup phone when your current phone disappears on the couch, this deal on the second-generation Apple TV Siri Remote is for you.

Apple USB-C Charging Cable

Don’t go without a charging cable. For $6 more than Apple charges for a single cable, you can get three 1-meter cables.

Apple AirTag Leather Keyring Product Card cnnu

Apple’s AirTags are incredible trackers, but their design leaves something to be desired — namely, a way to attach them to objects. These leather key rings solve that problem.

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