Alberta Indian Film Festival returns to Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

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TonThe 8th Alberta Indian Film Festival brought more than 150 moviegoers to the Keyano Theatre to eat, socialize, watch dance and watch films recently made in India.

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September. 17 The event is hosted by the Edmonton Film Club, which hosts film festivals in Alberta.OhOrganiser Nagarajan Babu said the event was an important event to socialize and appreciate Indian culture After COVID-19 restrictions are lifted or festivals are restricted.

“There is a general need for entertainment, and people really like to see entertainment from their cultural home,” Babu said in an interview. “It’s amazing that people are coming out to support this event. We want to do something for the community, get people to dance, communicate and learn about their culture.”

The Alberta Indian Film Festival started in 2015 and this year screened in nine Canadian cities. This year’s festival includes a dance competition, which Babu said gives people the opportunity to showcase Indian dance in communities that may have few opportunities. UCP leadership candidate Rajan Sawhney and UCP MLA Tany Yao were also guests.

This year’s film is the Gujarati-language film Gandhi & Co. released earlier this year, directed by Manish Saini. The film is about a boy who decides that Mahatma Gandhi is his role model. He began to imitate Gandhi’s behavior, but did not live up to Gandhi’s values. An older man decided to teach the boys the values ​​of honesty and harmony.

“We brought films from different provinces in India,” Babu said. “There used to be very few opportunities to see Indian movies here. They had to go to Edmonton or Calgary. But now at Fort McMurray, they can get that opportunity.”

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2021 City Census Findings 60.2% of residents are white, The second largest ethnic group in Southeast Asia is 7.2%, followed by South Asians at 6.7%.

Babb said the diversity of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo makes the area an ideal place to bring diverse communities together through movie theaters. Babu predicts that the region’s diversity will lead to a growing demand for multicultural films screened at Fort McMurray. For example, Landmark Cinemas now shows Bollywood films.

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