AI-generated news reader debuts in Kuwait | Tech News

A media outlet in Kuwait has revealed an AI-generated news reader.

Kuwait News posted a video on their Twitter account over the weekend showing the computer anchor introducing “herself” as “Fedha”.

this artificial intelligence The video shows a blond woman wearing a black jacket and a white T-shirt.

“I’m Fedha, the first Kuwaiti anchor using artificial intelligence in Kuwaiti news. What kind of news do you like? Let’s hear your opinion,” she said in Arabic.

The website is part of The Kuwait Times, founded in 1961, the first English-language daily in the Gulf region.

Abdullah Boftan, deputy editor of the two outlets, said the move was a test of the potential of artificial intelligence to deliver “new and innovative content,” according to AFP.

In the future, Fedha could adopt a Kuwaiti accent and post news announcements on the site’s Twitter account, he said.

Explaining the choice of name, Mr Boftain said Fedha was “a popular, old Kuwaiti name referring to silver, a metal”.

“We always imagined robots to be silver and metallic, so we combined the two,” he added.

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According to Mr Boftain, the presenter’s blond hair and light eyes reflect the country’s diverse Kuwaitis and expats.

“Fedha represents everyone,” he added.

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