Advantages and disadvantages of technology

Our lives are affected by technology. We can easily watch sporting events from all over the world on our TV through our mobile phone calls, using the internet, calling WhatsApp and WeChat, etc. without any cost. Mailing documents has become redundant. So many applications appear every day that impact our way of life. But what are the side effects of these technologies?

More and more children are developing nearsightedness because they are used to seeing things up close, such as watching TV, playing with an iPad or using a cell phone. In the past, children played outside and looked at distant things, such as mountains, sky, tall buildings, etc., so they didn’t need to wear glasses. The consequent negative effects include depression, poor posture, sleep problems and lack of activity.

The use of technology throughout the day has resulted in families not talking directly but exchanging messages on their cell phones, even as they sit side by side at dinner. In the past, before sending a letter or message, we made sure that what we wrote matched what we wanted to say. Today, tech tips words and phrases are sometimes sent when they don’t meet our intent.

Some films use this theme to show a world where technology dominates human life. This can become a sad reality if we’re not careful.

Technology is derived from the Greek words techno and logos, which means science that utilizes and promotes science. It helps us with many applications such as distance education, cloud storage, buying and paying anytime, anywhere, talking to several people at the same time, getting directions to an address, using drones and 3D printing. A very good intention soon allowed abuse of the system. Bank accounts can be hacked, personal information can be stolen from your internet activity, and privacy is slowly disappearing.

People can find a partner through social networks, but about 15% of them get divorced after three years. Unlike in the past, young people today do not want to get married.

While so many aspects can be seen as positive changes in our world, the danger remains, given our less and less control and the fact that technology has taken over. We tend to trust information provided to us by a single source, rather than verifying multiple sources to ensure we get accurate information.

But if we’re not careful, technology will determine who we should be friendly with, where we should go on vacation, what we should wear, what we should read, and more.

If we don’t continue to control technology, we will become robots and the meaning of life will change. It is important to remain vigilant and question the development of any new technology.


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