A new Russian offensive seems imminent — here’s why Ukraine says it needs as many tanks as possible World News

It is the most significant arms package the United States has delivered to Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

The numbers are staggering — both financially and in terms of the military equipment Americans are donating.

The cost was around $2.5bn (£2bn). It includes 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 90 Stryker armored fighting vehicles and 350 Humvees – large 4×4 vehicles and the hallmark of the US Army. There are also more than 21,000 rounds of different types of shells, and more.

Missing from the list though – thanks. This is what the Ukrainian military says they desperately need if they are going to defeat the Russians and not just hold the front lines.

World ‘becoming complacent’ with Ukraine nuclear threat, says UN – Ukraine latest news

Why don’t the Americans offer their main battle tank, the M1 Abrams? Well, ostensibly because of supply chain and maintenance issues. Indeed, it is around 10 tons heavier than its European counterpart, and its location makes it more difficult to deploy and maintain.

But Americans have been worried about angering Vladimir Putin too much — and where are his red lines, policymakers in Washington are asking?

The military sources I spoke to had a lot to say about why the Biden administration can’t just hand over a few tanks to unlock german standoff And increase the number of Ukrainians, even if only a few.

The criticism is that the Americans have been supplying just enough weapons to keep the war going, but not enough to end it with a victory for Ukraine.

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Do some U.S. policymakers see a strategic opportunity to prolong the war to crush the Russian military and Putin himself?

In another related development – the CIA director met with Ukrainian leaders in Kyiv over the past few days.

UK has sent Challenger 2 tanks to use in Ukraine
UK has sent Challenger 2 tanks to use in Ukraine

Beyond the tanks, the discussions will focus on Mr Putin’s plans for the weeks and months ahead.

Remember, a year ago, when the CIA repeatedly warned that Ukraine was about to be invaded, US intelligence was there. Many doubt whether Mr Putin would actually do so. But he did.

Hinting that Russia is about to launch a new offensive.

That’s why the Ukrainians on the front line say they need as many tanks as possible.

Ukrainian leaders worry that the West is getting tired of Ukraine. From my vantage point in Washington, it is true that Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill are growing increasingly uncomfortable with what they see as an unaudited and seemingly constant flow of weapons to Ukraine.

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