‘A man who said hurtful words was never slapped in the face’: Chris Rock on being slapped by Will Smith | The Art News

Chris Rock talks about getting slapped in the face by actor Will Smith at the Oscars.

At last year’s Oscars in Los Angeles, Smith walked on stage and slapped rockhe joked about the actor’s wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, ahead of the awards.

Rock’s joke refers to the 1997 film “Jane,” in which actress Demi Moore shaved her head.

It’s unclear if the comedian knew Pinkett Smith had alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, when he made the remarks.

In the Netflix special “Chris Rock: Selective Fury” on Saturday, Rock said he “takes the punches like (former Filipino boxer) Pacquiao.”

He added: “You know what people say, they always say ‘words hurt’.

“That’s what they said.

“You have to watch what you say.

“Because words hurt, you know.

“Anyone who says hurtful words has never been slapped in the face.”

This image from Netflix shows promotional art "Chris Rock: Selective Rage" Comedy special live on March 4th.  (Netflix via AP)
The Rock opens for Netflix’s first live comedy show, Chris Rock: Selective Rage.Image: Netflix via AP

Smith has apologized and spoken out about the incident several times since last March, while Rock has avoided all the usual platforms that celebrities often go to express their affection.

He never sat down with Oprah Winfrey and turned down many media outlets who wanted exclusive in-depth interviews.

“I’m not a victim, baby,” Rock said.

“You’ll never see me cry at Oprah or Gail. You’ll never see it. Never happen.”

But Rock does use his encounter with Smith to shape and enliven his stand-up comedy special for Netflix.

You can watch the 2023 Academy Awards live on Sunday 12 March at 11pm, exclusively on Sky News and Sky Showcase.

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