26 of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts

No matter how cool you think you are, finding a thoughtful (or at least useful) Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other that isn’t too tacky can be stressful at best. Get inspired by some of our editors’ favorite Valentine’s Day gifts of all time—gifts they’ve given or received from romantic partners or family members, or even gifts for themselves (what’s better than a holiday selfie Caring excuses devotion to love?).

Need more ideas? Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him, gifts for her, practical gifts, and gifts under $25.

I’m a loyal UrbanStems customer and their bouquets never disappoint, whether I receive them or give them away. I was so excited when I found out the brand had teamed up with “Bridgerton” to release a collection inspired by everyone’s favorite show. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

My partner and I are both dabbling in film photography, so this cute keychain is a tribute to our hobby. We actually decided to make one for each other so we could both pick our favorite pics. Luckily, no film skills are required to create one – you can customize it directly through Amazon and use any image, even one taken with your phone. — Sophie Shaw, Associate Beauty Editor

Emphasis on mejuri editorial wishes

Whenever I see my partner wearing these Mejuri earrings – which is very common – I think I do a good job of gift giving. Sophisticated, versatile, they can be paired with basically any outfit, and best of all, they cost less than $60. Definitely a Valentine’s Day win in my book. — Kay Burkhart, Associate Editor

If you’re looking for a gift that will last long after Valentine’s Day, I recommend the game Where Should We Begin: The Story Game. Created by bestselling author and couples therapist Esther Perel, this game features fun and serious questions to learn more about your SO. My partner and I have a lot of fun and are constantly discovering new things about each other. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

Many heart-themed gifts feel tacky and clichéd, but this t-shirt is an exception. Comme des Garçons’ hearts are adored by many fashion lovers and have been seen on Justin Timberlake, Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung and more. I wear mine all the time because it really is a great basic tee (please note that sizing runs small – I recommend going up a size, or even going up two if you prefer a roomier fit) . Plus, it can serve as a little reminder of V Day without being obvious. — Sophie Shaw, Associate Beauty Editor

Valentine’s Day may be a holiday for couples, but in Brooklyn, winter is already in full swing. That’s why this Arc’teryx Patera Parka is the best Valentine’s Day gift a New York girl can get. Not only is it long enough to cover all of my essentials (read: butt), but this sleek coat is soaked in goose down and covered in Gore-Tex, so I can stay warm and dry on long city walks and weekend excursions up north. But most importantly? I started showing off my fashion-forward Arc’teryx gear and getting support from my teenage son’s friends calling them the coolest moms of them all. this is Love. — Tobey Grumet, Reviews Editor

I have tried several body oils and this is my favorite. It glides on easily, is not sticky at all and smells great. I use it after shower and it keeps my skin from feeling dry in winters. Plus, the smell lasts all day! — Hannah Lauson, TikTok Strategist

As we all know, candles are my favorite thing in this world and it brings me a lot of joy. After a co-worker gushed about Otherland candles, I took the plunge and pre-ordered a Valentine’s Day treat for myself. The brand’s Boudoir Rouge scent (my new favorite) is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, as its gorgeous colors and scents — Vintage Lipstick, Amarena Cherry, and Glace Violet — pair perfectly with the romantic holiday. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

For the love of Crocs my fiancé loves Crocs! I hate them; yes I said hate! He loves them because, as a teacher, he can comfortably stand and teach all day long, and because his students think he’s really cool wearing them. I don’t allow Crocs in our house, but I do encourage him to be comfortable and happy at work, which is why I’m getting him bright red Crocs for Valentine’s Day, and be sure to include some Valentine’s Day accessories from his students think so great. As long as those alligator shoes don’t show up at our house after school, we’ll be a happily engaged couple this Valentine’s Day season. — Katelyn Gendron, Senior SEO Manager

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is the flowers. Bliss and Mischief’s Organic Cotton Baby Rose Duvet Cover is as sweet and romantic as a real rose, yet durable. I’m not so subtly leaving hints for my partner to grab this one for me from Six Rings this Valentine’s Day. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

When your teenage son asks you for cologne for Valentine’s Day, how do you choose? Be very careful. Yes, I stole all the big-name scents, but in the end, this Dolce & Gabbana Pale Blue Men’s Cologne is the perfect combination of designer label, light fragrance, and mid-range price. This is a great way to introduce him to a smell that doesn’t include the changing room, socks, or his dirty laundry. — Tobey Grumet, Reviews Editor

I love this hair mask because it can be used in so many different ways. I usually apply it on damp hair after I shower, but it can also be applied to dry hair and used as a night mask. I really want to try the Gisou hair oil next! — Hannah Lauson, TikTok Strategist

I love spoiling my closest friends on Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m going the beauty route and gifting them Twenty/Twenty Beauty’s Visionary Eyeshadow Sticks. These are staple products in my beauty routine because they are safe for contact wearers and the color payoff is amazing. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

My partner and I are both obsessed with our dog, so sometimes we skip gifts for each other and buy her presents instead. This patterned sweater is one of our favorites and the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. — Kay Burkhart, Associate Editor

I’m a huge fan of everything Snif releases. If you want to go the more traditional route and surprise your sweetheart with fragrance, these products are for you. The brand just released new mini versions of its incredible scents, and they make perfect gifts—I bought my favorite scents for myself this Valentine’s Day. Best of all, if you’re not sure which scent to buy, the brand also offers three bestsellers. If you just want to buy just one, you can always take advantage of Snif’s “Try At Home” feature so your loved ones can try out the scent before you buy it. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

We got this lovely heart shaped succulent for my mom, but it would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone! The heart shape is so cute and much cooler than a standard red rose – plus, it outlasts fresh flowers (or chocolate, in my house)! —Hayley Saltzman, Head of Social Media

If you’re looking for a stunning gift, the Everose of Venus and Hibiscus will leave your loved one speechless. These roses are so bright and fragrant they will keep for a year or more and are a great luxury option to pamper your loved ones. I love this brand’s Fleur Tic Tac Toe set because not only do you get everlasting blooms, but it’s a fun game to play anytime. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

My boyfriend’s birthday falls just a few days after Valentine’s Day, and three years ago, I wanted to give him something extra thoughtful and personalized in addition to physical gifts, so I decided to go the DIY route. I bought a 200 page photo book from Amazon, printed a bunch of pictures of the two of us, and wrote cute little notes along the way! He still calls it “the best gift I ever gave him” and he still has it on his desk to this day! —Stephanie Griffin, Head of Social

If your partner loves all things cute, this dumpling light is the perfect little Valentine’s Day gift. Pair it with flowers or a box of chocolates for the loveliest Valentine’s Day. —Kai Burkhardt, Editorial Coordinator

Look, I know this guy is kind of cheesy, but tell me: I’m a sentimental guy. This journal is designed to inspire discussions with your partner about trivial and deeper matters, as it provides prompts for each day of the year that each of you can quickly answer questions such as “What feels really important, right?” ?Now?” to “If you didn’t have any responsibilities today, what would you do?” It’s also a fun way for long-distance couples to keep in touch, I guess. —Emmy Favilla, Former Associate Editor

Last year, I naturally set my sights on the Mejuri Croissant Dôme ring, which is everywhere on Instagram. He gifted me this after hinting (not so subtle) to him a few weeks before Valentine’s Day! This ring has become a staple in my jewelry collection, and it’s a great, affordable option for anyone who likes “gold” rings! —Stephanie Griffin, Head of Social

I’m a big believer in gifting yourself for any reason, no matter the season! So the perfect gift for myself or any plant and flower lover this Valentine’s Day would be a flower subscription from Bouqs (or a plant subscription from Grounded), because the perfect act of love for me is making my apartment look and Smells like a garden all year round. —Natasha Hatendi, Picture Editor

A handmade scrapbook is always a loving gift so you and your partner can reminisce about all the memories you made together. My partner bought me one a few years ago and it was full of lovely photos and love letters, and I may or may not have shed 20 tears. —Kai Burkhardt, Editorial Coordinator

I’ve probably wanted Catbird jewelry for the past five birthdays, Valentine’s Day, holidays, and anniversaries, but it’s just that good. My husband bought me this battered ring a few days ago for Valentine’s Day and I wear it every day. It’s so refined and simple – perfect for everyday wear – and so simple, you’ll never tire of it. —Hayley Saltzman, Former Social Media Executive

One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received is this name necklace from Etsy. I love my middle name and have always wanted to carry something with me to commemorate it in some way. Nameplate necklaces are also popular, so this was a great and thoughtful surprise! —Kiana Murden, former deputy lifestyle editor

If you’re looking for a practical Valentine’s Day gift your partner will love, you can’t go wrong with these Brooklyn-made Greats leather sneakers. According to its website, Greats shoes are “made in top factories that meet the highest standards of labor and environmental practices,” so it’s also a gift that makes you feel good. I asked my husband to share the best valentines I’ve ever given him and even though we’ve had 15 valentines and 15 gifts together, he quickly chose these sneakers as one of his gifts favorite. They’re sleek and classic enough to suit a variety of personal tastes and styles, yet super comfortable. I have one in one color and my husband loved the white one I gave him for Valentine so much he bought the black one to wear to our wedding! —Hayley Saltzman, Former Social Media Executive

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