18 Best Fall Candles: The Top Scents for Fall

Fall is the perfect season to nest in your home and create a cozy sanctuary, and what better way to set the mood than with scented candles? Whether you love pumpkin spice or think something woodsy is good, there’s a candle for you.

“If you’re a big fall fan, it can be fun to find a candle that represents the mood, food, and celebration that will make you fall in love with the season,” said Snif co-founder Phil Riportella. “We’ve noticed that people love pumpkin, Scents of cinnamon, cedar, maple and apple as they remind us of our favorite fall memories, like baking your ‘secret’ family recipe or taking a weekend trip to your favorite hiking spot.”

We’ve come to associate most woody, spicy and sweet flavors with the comforting nature of fall, but Julian Provost – creative director of Trudon, the world’s oldest candle maker, and its sister brand Carrière Frères – Saying there are plenty of options for those who don’t like the gourmet and sweet taste of pumpkin spice, apple pie, etc. “Scents like leather, cashmere wood, incense, musk, cedar and, of course, fir can be beautiful alternatives to the usual scents of the holiday season,” he said.

Whatever you decide to burn, it will set the mood, inspire memories and create a warm atmosphere. With that in mind, peruse our 18 favorite fall candles that will take you to the ideal fall oasis.

SSense $145



Spella is one of Provost’s personal favorites, and he says it’s a good replacement for the saccharin and cinnamon scents that are common in the fall. The woody oriental candle blends together in a rich and seductive scent of cedar wood, patchouli, musk, amber and vanilla.

Amazon and Anecdotal Candles $26

anecdote-candle-basic-glass jar-candle-productcard-cnnu.jpg

anecdotal candle

It’s pumpkin spice lattes and cable-knit sweaters season. Anecdote’s Basic candles exude the comfort of these fall staples, with fragrant pumpkin, cardamom, and cloves.

$44 at Snif



Created by food blogger Tieghan Gerard, this collaborative candle captures all the culinary elements we love about fall: pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cardamom, maple, whiskey, caramelized orange, and toasted chocolate. Or, if you’re ready to get into the festive spirit, Snif’s Old Saint Wick candles just made it to Oprah’s 2022 list of favorite items, and you can get 20% off with code OPRAH.

$58 at Nordstrom and Amazon



Malin + Goetz’s blend of soy, vegetable and beeswax burns cleanly and slowly, allowing you to savor the scent of candles. Spicy and sweet, the dark rum is a fan favorite, and the brand is bringing back its oversized three-core version ($150) for a limited time. This would make an amazing housewarming or holiday gift.

Urban Outfitters $28

Urban-outfitters-mushroom candle-productcard-cnnu.jpg

city ​​outfitter

A lovely fall decoration, these mushroom candles are currently available in two colors and scents—the woody Lucid Dreams and the earthy No​​mad—and they’ll instantly add a rustic touch to your space.

Target price of $15



Target has a wide variety of fall-themed candles, and we especially love this soy candle, which comes in a cute pumpkin-shaped jar to match its pumpkin spice scent. The delicate crackle of the wood wick adds an extra fall vibe.

$65 at Dermstore


gut store

Trudon’s sister brand, Carrière Frères, which dates back to 1884, is equally revered. Since then, it has featured botanical ingredients and each candle is dedicated to the purest aroma. During the colder months, Provost loves the dry and comforting aroma of cedar as it infuses the air with the purifying scent of the forest. If you’re looking for something spicier, he also likes the Siberian Pine and Candied Ginger candles from the Winter collection.

Homesick $38



Bring back hay wagons and crisp leaves with this evocative candle. A candle made from a mix of hay, warm amber, nutmeg, birch and maple that one reviewer said was “truly like hay, only better!”

$36 at Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora

boy smell-cashmere-kush-candle-productcard-cnnu.jpg


For those who don’t like sweet scents, cashmere wood and musk are great notes to look for in fall candles, says Provost. They’re paired together in this vegetal wood candle, with a heart note of cannabis flower.

$10 target price



Target has some amazing candles for $10 or less, including this fruity warm candle from Opalhouse. If apple picking is your thing, the juicy aromas of pears, apples and bergamot will get you in the fall.

$65 $55 at Nordstrom, $65 at Sephora



Maison Margiela’s Replica collection of fragrances and candles evokes memories and environments that are familiar and indulgent. Perfect for a cozy evening atmosphere, this fragrant candle imitates the smoky warmth of a roaring fireplace, with aromas of clove, chestnut and vanilla.

Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue $60


gut store

This elegant candle refreshes the traditional warmth of musky cedar, spicy cloves and warm whisky. You get the leather and wood feel of a worn-out library, but also a crisp feel—perhaps the flip of a new book.

$60 Birthday Company $50.and Amazon

Birthdate Co Pillar Candle

date of birth

Special candles to use at any time of the year, get yourself a birthday candle and see what scents and specialties the stars have in store for you. The hand-cast candles take into account astrology, numerology and tarot cards, so you can check the readings on the label and return them when the flame is lit.

$38 Anthropologie from $27



Bring the vibe of the fall harvest into your home with these beautiful acorn candles. With scents like leather and leaves and spiced acorn leaves, these are sure to bring the spirit of autumn into your space.

Dermstore and Saks Fifth Avenue $50


gut store

Transition from fall to winter with this holiday candle scented with red berries, winter citrus and musk wood.

Archive $49



Dossier’s take on designer fragrances is as stunning as candle form. The large Ambery Vanilla candle – inspired by YSL’s Black Opium fragrance – fills the room with the wonderful warm, sweet aroma of citrus, pear, orange blossom, cedar and vanilla.

Brooklyn Candle Studio $28

Brooklyn Candle Studio-lead.jpg

This limited edition 100% soy wax candle transforms any space into a cozy fireside nook. Saffron, birch and frankincense create a woody, smoky scent that matches the feeling of staying warm when the air is fresh.

$42 on Amazon



For minimalists looking to bring warmth to their space, this clean-burning coconut wax candle is scented with sandalwood, musk and white amber.

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