13 Best Hotel Pillows for an Incredibly Restful Night’s Sleep in 2022

From building generous hotel loyalty programs to providing a consistent experience to guests around the world, major hotel brands are doing a lot of things right. And, in some cases, this also includes bedding. Imagine arriving at a new hotel, then hopping into a perfect plush bed and resting your head with the softest pillows.

We all know sleep is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. While there are plenty of great non-hotel branded pillows out there (we especially like Coop Home Goods The Eden Pillow), if you’re interested in replicating your best sleep ever at your family’s favorite hotel, it’s possible.

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But what hotel pillows can you use to decorate your own home? where can you buy them? From Westin’s fluffy hotel pillows to Aria’s famous feather pillows, here are some of the most amazing options you can buy for your home.

Westin Store from $89

Westin Down Pillow

Westin hotels are truly all over the world. From the Westin Excelsior in Florence, Italy to the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort (a great option for booking your honeymoon with Travel Rewards!), you’re likely to find a Westin hotel in your next vacation destination. If you’ve stayed at a Westin hotel before, you probably know the brand’s famous bedding well. While the Westin Heavenly Bed tends to take center stage, the brand’s pillows are just as dreamy. The Westin down pillow is an excellent choice for all types of sleepers due to its plush and soft properties. Not only can you buy standard-sized hotel pillows through the Westin store, but you can also choose from a range of decorative and body pillows.

$129 on Amazon

Fairmont Hotel Deluxe Down Pillow

Fairmont fans can replicate their favorite hotel bedding at home with the chain’s pillow collection. The Fairmont Luxury Feather & Down pillow is composed of 80% down material and 20% feathers and is wrapped in a soft 240 thread count cotton cover. This pillow is best for king beds and is on the firmer side, matching the standard offerings in Fairmont hotel rooms. Fairmont also offers king or large synthetic gel fiber pillows. With synthetic gel, you can decide whether your pillow is medium or firm.

Ritz-Carlton store from $89

Ritz-Carlton Pillow

The famous Ritz-Carlton pillow is a classic for a reason. The pillow consists of an allergen-free blend of down, feather and lyocell fibers. Final result? A perfect plush pillow that provides support for all types of sleepers. Because the Ritz-Carlton chain is part of the Marriott Bonvoy program, you can use your points to pay for your pillow. Instead of spending cash, redeem your Bonvoy points – just 23,000 points for a pillow. While you won’t get the best value from your points, it’s a great option.

Store Edition from $105

version down pillow

The Edition brand, also part of Marriott, is known for delivering modern luxury in personalized hotels – it currently has 15 properties in New York, West Hollywood, Dubai, Barcelona, ​​London and more. The brand sells its own feather and down pillows so you can recreate your favorite hotel stay at home. Known for its perfect combination of softness and support, this pillow offers medium firmness. A down outer room and down core inner room, plus a 100% cotton cover, ensure a comfortable night’s sleep at home and during your next Edition hotel stay.

W Hotel Store from $79

W hotel down pillow

For a young, stylish clientele, the W Hotel is chic. And, if you’ve had a great stay at W Union Square New York, W Samui, or W Costa Rica, you’ll know that the bedding is luxurious. Through the W Hotel store, you can choose from a variety of pillow options, including the brand’s famous feather and down pillows. The pillow is fluffy and soft, providing firm support and a soft softness for ultimate comfort. Available in king, queen and standard sizes, this pillow will complement any bed in your home.

$89 From $71.20 at Hilton to Home

Hilton Down Pillow

If you’ve ever stayed at a Hilton-branded hotel and wished to take home its feathers and down pillows, you’re in luck. The inner chamber of feathers and the outer layer of down provide sleepers with the perfect combination of support and fluff. We like this option because it comes in two varieties: firm and soft. Choose the padding that best fits your sleeping position — taller pads are generally best for back sleepers, while smaller pads are best for back sleepers — and bring home the comfort of a Hilton hotel. Pillow covers are also available for an extra fee, which help keep your luxuriously comfortable pillow clean and dry.

Marriott Store from $85

Marriott Down Pillow

Marriott hotels have long been known for their comfortable bedding that you can also enjoy at home. While the Shop Marriott offers options from decorative pillows to body pillows, feather and down pillows are the best option for those who want a versatile Marriott staple. The padding means your head and neck will be supported, and it’s also allergen-free. You can add optional protectors for an extra $14 to extend the life of the pillow.

Sonesta Store from $84

Sonesta Down Pillow

Sonesta Hotels also sells down pillows through their Shop Sonesta online store. This pillow is half feather and half down and its duvet cover is 100% cotton. This is a great option for the average sleeper looking for support and cushioning with a soft outer cover. Size options include king, queen and standard, with extra charges for pillow protectors and classic pillowcases.

Waldorf Astoria from $89

waldorf down pillow

The Waldorf Astoria also makes it easy to outfit your home with a pillow—a great thing you know if you’ve ever stayed at a Waldorf Astoria. While you can choose from down pillows and down alternatives, we love the brand’s classic down pillows. Available in king and queen sizes, as well as pillow covers for added peace of mind. Plus, we love this option because you can choose from firm support or a softer option to best suit your sleeping style.

Four Seasons Store from $119

Four Seasons Down Alternative Pillow

The Four Seasons brand exudes luxury. If you’ve ever stayed at a Four Seasons hotel, you know how this affects bedding. The duvet is soft and breathable, while the pillows provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury—with the iconic Four Seasons logo subtly sewn on the exterior. The down replacement pillow is made of 100% hypoallergenic polyester with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Choose from king, queen or standard sizes to ensure you sleep like a vacation every night.

From $85 at Aria Store

Aria Down Pillow

If you’re a Las Vegas fanatic and love staying at the Aria Resort and Casino, just bring your favorite Sin City resort home. The Aria Down Pillow available online is the same as the one used at the resort and is available in three sizes: King, Queen and Standard. With a 100% cotton cover on the top for a higher level of softness and a pillow cover available as an extra purchase, these duck and down filled pillows will give you a good night’s sleep.

$105 St. From $89.25 St. Regis Boutique

stone. Regis Down Pillow

Bring your favorite St. Louis luxury with you. The St. Regis is coming home through the brand’s own boutique. Although you can choose from a variety of St. Louis. Regis mattresses and box springs, sheets, bath and body products, slippers, pajamas and more, pillows are a great choice. With a softer composition of 75% white feather and 25% down, your head and neck will feel supported while your face will stay cool and comfortable. St. Regis down pillows are available in king or queen size, and pillow covers are available for an additional fee.

Sheraton Store from $85

Sheraton Down Pillow

Plush Sheraton Down Pillow is a 50/50 blend of feathers and down. So you get a middling combination of firm support and plush cushion. The pillows come in two sizes – king and queen – and are machine washable. Pillow covers extend the life of new pillows for an additional $14.

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